Folle de Joie Fragrance


After years of requests, Joie is pleased to present an updated version of our classic Folle de Joie fragrance developed with renowned fragrance maker Firmenich, and celebrated French nose Élise Bénat. The ingredients of Folle de Joie are responsibly sourced, and feature higher grade raw materials to achieve compliance and sustainability. ​

Featuring a whirlwind of floral notes and vibrant fruits; a delicious scent from us to you. Inspired by the romantic memories from our travels, this creamy perfume is a rebirth of delicately sweet touches with an enveloping edge for a sun-kissed dream. At the perfume’s heart is a luscious floral bouquet of Jasmine Sambac, Egyptian Rose and a fluttering burst of Peony petals, secured by the fruitiness of Moroccan Blood Orange, Japanese Yuzu and a hint of Pear.