Show Me Your Mumu Tyler Tunic Dress ~ Anderson Stripe Spandy


When you can’t choose between stripes, floral, or print, Anderson Stripe Spandy is the choice you should make. Crisp red, black, and white accent one stripe of the pattern, while fun pink and green florals fall into order on another. Pairs great with tan, gray, olive, and tons of pewter and silvers rings.

Tyler Tunic tries to eat local but can't turn down french fries. The teenier the appetizers the better, in her opinion, because then there are more to try! Obs she's a chef and throws the best dinner parties ever! When she’s not cooking she loves seeing cheesy movies with her besties and browsing old bookshops.

*95% Poly , 5% pandex
*Can be worn as a tunic or short dress
*Basically Wrinkle-proof. Throw in purse for later recommended