C.R. Gibson Beverage Napkins | With All My Heart


Set a cheerful and loving mood for Valentine's Day celebrations with C.R. Gibson's Beverage Napkins (With All My Heart). These 9.8" diameter, paper, heart-shaped beverage napkins come prepackaged with 20, 3-ply napkins per package and include four different colors: red, orange, and 2 varieties of pink. Ideal for serving alongside a variety of beverages, these napkins will warm your guests' hearts and put a smile on their faces! Co-ordinate your paperproducts with C.R. Gibson's With All My Heart Collection for a fun and whimsical celebration of love.


C.R. Gibson Beverage Napkins (With All My Heart) Features:


Heart-shaped paper beverage napkins

20, 3-ply napkins per package

Four different colors: Red, Orange, 2 varieties of pink

9.8 diameter